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Suggestions / Songs
« on: May 24, 2019, 06:33:19 am »
Include more contemporary songs in your play book. I would buy a book that included the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift, Johnny Cash, Keith Urban, Cher. Maybe this would be a separate play book? I think others would buy it, after all, the Coda was designed to keep up with other musicians.

Share your musical journey / Fresh start
« on: May 24, 2019, 06:06:46 am »
Got my Coda yesterday. Let me start with the negative and just get it out of the way. It is ugly, I thought French horns and accordions were ugly, but the Coda is worse. Then, I'm not very pretty either.

When I first played it I thought the fingering would take some major getting used to. Nope, got the lower chamber perfect the first time, the upper on my third. Then I noted(no pun intended) how clear the low C sounded. So I grabbed my dymond wood mtn oc and did a sound comparison. The low notes on the Coda sound so much clearer and louder.

Over all, the clip, the silencers, the SOUND, Karl, you knocked it out of the park. This was worth waiting 10 years for. Oh, and you need to mention the lanyard hole, that's a big deal for us military types. Very impressed you included it.

Introductions / Hello from Milwaukee
« on: May 21, 2019, 05:20:26 am »
I'm a Mountain Oc fan that has been looking forward to getting this flute from the moment Karl first mentioned a possible pro-range design. I carried 4  mtn ocs and 2 ukuleles with me when I was deployed to Iraq as a medic in 2009. I'm not very talented, but once, I got up to leave the barracks so my practicing on my uke wouldn't disturb anyone, and I was asked to stay. Turns out a large majority of my infantry company liked my music. I liked the ocarinas cause I could throw them in my bag and take them on missions. I have a coda with silencers on the way, I feel like an over excited child waiting in anticipation.

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