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Title: Hey, Y'all
Post by: JoelTucker on December 26, 2018, 01:10:09 pm
Pastor Joel here, checking in from my new perch in Guyton, GA. I play saxophone, bass, squeezebox, ukulele, and ocarinas. After the Mountain Ocarina, all other ocarinas were summarily retired to the junk drawer. I have a coffee can filled with Mountain Ocs -- and now that the Coda is out, they will probably stay there for a while.

I was thrilled when Karl sent me a pre-release Coda -- It was better than prototype, probably identical to the production model. When they were finally released en masse, I purchased the ivory mouthpiece model so I could tell them apart, and the belt clip is a nice bonus.

Ken Ahrens is one of my modern musical heroes. The other is Brian Wittman, inventor of the Maui Xaphoon Pocket Sax -- but I digress. There aren't a lot of innovations in the world of musical instruments, but the Coda is surely a significant milestone. As the first wave of Coda players, our job is to take advantage of the Everyday Carry aspect of this instrument and play, play, play!

With hundreds of musicians here and thousands more to come, I say thanks, Karl, for completing the task. You did not let us down; the Coda is a miracle of engineering. I am proud to own the launch model and looking forward to watching the growth of the Coda community.

(p.s. Dare I look for the three-octave model?)
Title: Hey Yall
Post by: WarnerVon on January 14, 2019, 06:55:48 pm
Hey yall,
Just stopping in to say hi This seems like a pretty awesome website so far