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So, here are the fingercharts from the cromatic
and a example from me.
It is the German national anthem.

You must download all fingercharts,
so you can easy create your own Coda musictab.

Coda Book Supports / Zelda Songs
« on: April 14, 2019, 12:05:17 pm »
Does anyone have the songs of Zelda?

Introductions / Hello from germany
« on: April 14, 2019, 11:27:19 am »
Greetings from Bavaria.
I speak only very little English.
Google is my best translator for all questions.
I play ukulele, but I never have it with me.
The ukulele is too big for the whole day.
I need a small instrument to play in the break.
In my job I have many breaks with 1-3 hours.
The ECD is a perfect well considered concept.
Unfortunately, shipping and customs in Germany are strongly increasing.
I paid almost double the price.
The shipment took 3 weeks.
But it's worth it.
The first attempts sound good and it's fun.
Thank you for the opportunity to get this product in Germany.

My problem is, I can not read music.
I created the fingercharts individually as png.
So you can insert this with Word in a document.
Then I printed these as a pdf.

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