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Sounds so good! It's so much simpler to record outdoors with a phone, and not have walls creating word hot and cold pitches.
Enchant the Forest Videos (ONLY!) / Re: The Star-Spangled Banner
« Last post by Windjammer on March 25, 2020, 08:02:32 pm »
I love playing or singing out in nature. That feeling you describe I totally get. :)
Very good Karl. Nice blooper there at the end too.  :D
Nice job on that tune.  That is quite the shift in weather from one day to the next.  Where I am it has been mostly rain with a day of sunshine once every week or so.
The difference one day can make.  One day in a t-shirt; the next in the snow.   

I first recorded this song, Captain O’Kane, on a whim.  After a trail run, I was playing Coda as dusk eased into dark.  The Spring peepers (little frogs) sounded so nice that I had to join in, so I knelt in front of a tree, propped my phone against it, and hit record.  The next day, when a refreshing snow took us by surprise, I decided to record it again to show the difference a single day can make.

Today's problems may look a lot different tomorrow!

The tune is attributed to Irish composer Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738).

Enchant the Forest Videos (ONLY!) / The Star-Spangled Banner
« Last post by Karl Ahrens on March 24, 2020, 06:49:55 pm »
I was going to record something else, but Covid-19 brought to mind a song from our history about hope, grit, and strength in the face of adversity: our national anthem.  May it remind us to stay strong and to support one another, now more than ever! 

Feeling stuck at home?  Well,  experts says that it's great to get out in nature.  (Just remember the 6-foot social distancing rule. :D)
I know that not all of you have ready access to the outdoors.  I'm grateful to be able to get out into the woods every day to hike, run, and play Coda.  There is nothing quite like losing yourself in a song out amidst the beauty of creation.

Enchant the Forest Videos (ONLY!) / Re: El cóndor pasa
« Last post by ubizmo on March 17, 2020, 07:48:18 am »
I've been playing this song on quena, but it sounds better on Coda !
Share your musical journey / Re: Duane’s World (A musical journey)
« Last post by Windjammer on March 17, 2020, 02:43:01 am »
I study this little musical marvel affectionately known as “Coda EDC Flute” and it just amazes me all the thought and care Karl put into this musical instrument. I had pretty much given up on the idea ever coming to fruition. But Karl stuck with it. Thanks Karl.
It has become my go to Ocarina/flute now. The more I play it the better I like it.  ??? 8)
I just hope that someday I can do it justice with my skill level. I think that within a couple of years we will start seeing some amazing performances done with the Coda. Hopefully one of those will be mine ;)
Enchant the Forest Videos (ONLY!) / Re: Sheebeg Sheemore
« Last post by Windjammer on March 17, 2020, 01:53:29 am »
Hey, ubizmo! This was awesome. You and Karl always do a great job. I cant get enough of you guys. Thanks. I hope to see more from you.  ;)
Have you ever thought of making just a simple album like Karl did? I hope Karl does a new one with the Coda too. :)
Enchant the Forest Videos (ONLY!) / Re: Sheebeg Sheemore
« Last post by Harp Player on March 15, 2020, 11:32:43 pm »
That is kind of the point of these enchanted forest videos.  They are supposed to be organic and not perfectly processed.
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