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Hello from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
« on: March 01, 2019, 05:17:41 pm »

I live in Canada and I have just put in my order for a CODA so I'm anxiously awaiting it. I have been taking violin lessons the last few years but due to busy family life progress is a bit on the slow side, but I still take lessons as I quite enjoy violin music.

Here is my journey to my recent purchase. (Begin wall of text read if you care to)

I decided that I would like to pick up a portable instrument for camping/hiking/traveling etc and I became drawn to the sound of the Ocarina while attending a Medieval festival in Kimberly BC, Canada a couple years ago. Over the past year I have hummed and hawed about buying an ocarina but could never figure out which one to buy. I didn't want to spend too much, but I didn't want something cheap. I was almost at the point of buying a ceramic ocarina but I decided that they might be more fragile that I wanted for where I was wanting to play it, so I went down the path of researching plastic ocarinas, I wanted more than 1 octave since I'm so use to the range of the violin so I was looking at the 2 and 3 chamber plastic ocarinas, but reviews were always mixed on them until I found the CODA EDC while coming across the now unavailable Mountain Ocarina and the early reviews for sound quality and range seemed to be the perfect fit.

Of course because I over think things, I held off on my purchase because I was worried that if I learn the fingering on the CODA it would be another bit of a learning curve to move to a ceramic Ocarina at some point if I wanted to, because of the difference in fingering so I felt maybe the CODA would be lock me in of sorts something a single instrument, since I wouldn't be able to try different versions of the instrument. But, after listening to the youtube videos and hearing the CODA, I remembered why I wanted to play it in the first place. portable, durable, sounds great, 2 octave range. I have my violin to play a wide range of music at home, why would I need anything more than my CODA while out and about.

I also love Karl's story of the time, effort, dedication that he put into developing the CODA and in my heart I really had a desire to support someone who put it all on the line for their dream.