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Coda Book Sound Samples
« on: March 06, 2019, 09:49:42 pm »
Here are the songs from the Coda book that we have recorded so far. I'm not terribly happy with these recordings (this is Karl speaking), so I'll replace them in the future. Our plan is to record all the songs in the Coda book (and provide play-alongs for many of them).

Hot Cross Buns  (p. 4)
Mary Had a Little Lamb  (p. 4)
Shady Grove  (p. 4)
Lullaby  (p. 5)
Lovely Joan  (p. 5)
Two Octave C Scale  (p. 6)
The Shady Woods of Truagh  (p. 11)
The Star Spangled Banner  (p. 14)
Silent Night in keys of C & F  (pgs. 15, 16)
Carolan's No. 176  (p. 30)

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