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[1st Song] Hot Cross Buns
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Hot Cross Buns is the first song in the Coda book.  These play-along recordings are in 3 versions: the melody with backing track at 100 beats per minute, the backing track played slowly at only 60 bpm, and the backing track at 100 bpm. We plan to create something similar for most of the songs in the Coda book. (Actually, we eventually want to create a library of backing tracks to songs that you request.)

Besides being fun, playing along with backing tracks has several other advantages. It can improve your music reading skills, help you to learn to play by ear, prepare you for playing with other musicians, and teach you how to play in tune.

This is our first attempt at backing tracks. With your feedback, we want to improve them over time.

Sheet Music

Download Links:

Hot Cross Buns -100bpm - Melody.

Hot Cross Buns - 60bpm (slow version).

Hot Cross Buns - 100bpm (normal version).

All resources are copyrighted.
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