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« on: July 19, 2019, 06:51:27 pm »
I have had a couple MOs for over a decade. When I first got them, there was a learning curriculum with lessons, disks etc. It was helpful when I first started. I'm sure beginners, or those who need refresher (like I did) etc would benefit from it.

Karl Ahrens

Re: Suggestion
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2019, 01:38:03 pm »
Hi, VTTrish, I'm glad you have asked about this.  My desire is to promote a community of people --you all-- who'll help one another to grow musically.

With this in mind, creating a video-based self-learning music curriculum for Coda has been in the plans for a long time, but more pressing issues keep getting in the way. As my beleaguered mom used to say when trying to keep up with my three brothers and me, "I only have two hands!" :)

However, as the Coda project advances, I am slowly able to add hands. Recently, we hired an audio/visual expert to work with me part-time to make the Coda Curriculum a reality. So far she's had to work on packing orders, drilling Codas, preparing silencers, etc., but this afternoon we meet to go over my plans for the curriculum.

Since we plan to roll out the video curriculum gradually, we're hoping to begin providing support to beginners this Fall.