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Author Topic: Playing after a trail run  (Read 946 times)

Karl Ahrens

Playing after a trail run
« on: December 17, 2018, 11:26:49 pm »
It's December 17th, but it was in the 40s today, so I had a great trail run late this afternoon at a McClean game refuge in Simsbury, CT.  I enjoy playing out in the woods while I walk around and cool down after a run. It tends to be very relaxing and meditative: the surroundings are tranquil and beautiful, Coda sounds sort of magical out in the woods, and I just naturally feel good after running.

I kept playing until after dark, but once the sun went down, the temperature started to drop, and eventually my fingers got too cold to keep going. (That's one reason why new turbo deluxe Coda will feature heated leather toneholes. ;))

Anyway, I took a couple of pictures with my phone. One is of Coda pointing at the moon, which must be deeply meaningful and significant. Of course, I'm sure the meaning is so obvious to you that you don't need me to explain it. ;)

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Re: Playing after a trail run
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That's the thing I love about your instruments! Being able to play in the woods or mountains is really special. I remember when I played my MO at the top of Machu Picchu's mountain

Hymn Player

Re: Playing after a trail run
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That's beautiful Stefan!  Thanks for sharing!
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Re: Playing after a trail run
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Stefan, is that a poly g? What an awesome location, I'm jealous.