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EDC was just delivered.
« on: December 18, 2018, 05:28:09 pm »
Got the package in the mail when I got home.  Came with a songbook manual, bag and the like.  EDC seemed in good shape from the trip.

Fingering chart isn't bad, and the music sheets are in standard music notation, helping to train people up on reading music by eye.  Came with some good starter songs, and a ton of more complex ones too.

The original Mountain was a tight bar that worked well being worn around the neck, and this new one has a spot to add a cord to it.  That being said, it also has a built in clip that works decent for attaching to the belt.  Oddly, it looked like it was supposed to be screwed to the EDC, but is using some double sided tape to secure it.  Seems solid, for now, but no idea how it will hold up long term.

The low register sounds pretty much how I remember the Mountain to have been (gave it to my daughter), and the Higher register sounds reasonably clear.

I can't say much about the quality of tone yet, since it plays a touch differently than the Mountain in terms of breath and finger position, so will need time to get used to it.

Moisture seems to build faster than the Mountain, but again, we'll see in the long term.

Seems lightweight, but solid enough.  Not like the Mountain, but that was a small black brick.  This is more curvy and interesting to look at.

Overall, I feel the price point is good for the quality I'm seeing.

Now to see how this will work with a mandolin for music design.

Foolish Frost


Re: EDC was just delivered.
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2018, 12:57:10 pm »
The clip sits on top of a tone hole, so no, it is not designed to be screwed on. The tape, Karl says, is very durable, but removeable, for those who don't want the clip.